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★ Best App Winner ★ 2017 Google PlayAwardsLearn how to speak like a native with Memrise, the free app thatunlocks your foreign language learning superpowers!Study new words, vocabulary and grammar with beginner and advancedreading and writing courses alongside over 15 million peopleworldwide – soon you’ll be reading, writing and speakingSpanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, German, Korean,and many other exciting languages like a pro. With next-generationmobile learning, a rich variety of memory and vocabulary games,over 30,000 native speaker videos and chatbots, Memrise provides aninnovative approach to learning languages.Reading, writing and engaging in conversation like a native speakeris out of this world fun with Memrise!Free Foreign Language Learning App: Top 5 Reasons to DownloadMemrise1. Beginner and advanced Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese andmany other speaking, reading and writing foreign language coursesexpertly created by a dedicated team of linguists2. Study Korean, German and other vocabulary with content designedto push the boundaries of learning technology3. Study and learn languages with chatbots – hone a natural flowfor daily conversation4. Native speaker videos – learn a foreign language in context withno actors, just real people5. Memory, vocabulary and other fun games help you learn andpractice, including Difficult Words, Speed Review, Listening Skillsand Classic ReviewStudy new words, beginner and advanced vocabulary, pronunciationand practical grammar for daily conversation in your favoritelanguages including Korean, Italian, Japanese and Chinese!Study beginner Italian vocabulary for free before you fly to Romeand eat a pistachio gelato. Is Korean BBQ your favorite meal? Learnhow to order like a native speaker the next time you’re in Seoul.Are your Spanish skills already top notch but your Germanpronunciation could use some work? Check out the free advancedreading course before donning the lederhosen for Oktoberfest.Memrise, the award-winning free language learning app:* Best App of 2017 - Google Play awards* Editor’s Choice* Top Developer* Best of 2016 - Self Improvement* Best AppsFlirt in a foreign language with perfect pronunciation from memory,or impress locals with your advanced Chinese grammar knowledge thenext time you're on vacation. Got a free minute? Why not setyourself a challenge and learn two new words a day - you'll beamazed by how quickly you can pick it up! Whether it's reading inSpanish, challenging your memory skills with German articles orsimply being curious about Japanese, Memrise offers a unique andinteractive approach to the world of language learning.Learn useful, real-life foreign language skills on the go. Withpronunciation guides, beginner and advanced courses, grammar skillsand rich content, Memrise offers everything you need to have acompelling conversation in any foreign language! Download today andstart a conversation with the world around you.