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Virtuafoot Football Manager 2017 0.0.63
Virtuafoot Manager is a free footballmanagement game.Recruit your players on the transfer market, develop your strategyand manage club life. From players training to finance managementthrough infrastructure development, you will need to prove yourtalent and boost your team to the highest level.If you enjoyfootball, you'll love VF. Here you can choose your league, set upyour own cups, view your games, etc...Train Your PlayersMake your players progress by creating your own trainingprograms.Define your strategyDevelop your own tactics to tip the games in your favor.Real-time matchesFollow the live of your matches in real time, adapt your tactics toyour opponent and make substitutions.Operate on transfersBuy and sell players through many modes of trading. Purchases,loans, exchanges, list of transfers, auctions...Total freedomVirtuafoot Manager is a football game in "open world". You are freeto choose your championship, the competitions, your friendlymatches, the players you recruit.Many official competitionsLeague Cup, National Cup, Champions League. Challenge the bestmanagers of the game and ensure a fame to your club!Manage the infrastructures of the clubStadium, infirmary, training center, shop, TV channel of the club.Virtuafoot Manager will ask you for all your managerial skills. Theprosperity of your club will depend on it.Prepare for the futureTrain your own young players to integrate them into yourworkforce.A complete jersey editorShape your club to your image by creating your own team outfits orselecting official jerseys.Manage media relationsRespond to media interviews and solicitations and affirm yourpersonality as a coach !A large communityMeet other coaches in chats and forums. Exchange tips and negotiatetransfers.Unity is strength !Associate with other clubs by integrating an EntenteLet's go !Download Virtuafoot Manager, and start your coach career. See youon Virtuafoot Manager !Visit the official website !Here is the website address: http://en.virtuafoot.com/